One of the perks of living at The Residences at Seafire, one of the best condos in Grand Cayman, is having world-class spa services and products just steps away at The SPA at Seafire. Located on property at Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, The SPA at Seafire is an oasis of calm, inviting its guests to enjoy a moment of quiet relaxation.

Spa treatments include a quartz sand massage table and a purification massage ritual, which includes a stress-relieving turn in a modern-day Turkish-style Hammam.

In addition to these unique treatments, The SPA at Seafire also has a unique product line, OSEA, which originates from the sea itself.

OSEA is a skincare brand from Malibu and at its base is its core ingredient, organic and kosher Patagonian seaweed. OSEA products strive to create a skincare routine and line that is free of toxic and synthetic ingredients.


  1. Seaweed is a skin superfood and just happens to be one of the most abundant sources natural elements that help restore and rejuvenate skin. These include elements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

  2. Seaweed is easily absorbed for maximum results, due to it being a bioavailable source. With an easy-to-absorb nutrient-rich composition, seaweed allows for greater absorption leading to better results for your skin.

  3. Seaweed is effective for every skin type, due to its rich composition and effectiveness in targeting skin concerns. From hydrating the skin to balancing the oils, seaweed allows for multiple skin concerns to be addressed.

  4. Seaweed visibly reduces and actively protects against signs of aging, as it is made up of a naturally occurring polysaccharide that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Here are three popular products and their benefits:

1. Ocean Cleanser
• This product is a refreshing mineral-rich seaweed cleansing gel.
• Key ingredients in this product are:
1. Lactic acid, which leaves the skin smooth and hydrated
2. Red algae, which provides mineral-rich hydration
3. Lime, cypress, juniper, and jasmine essential oils, which refresh the skin

2. Essential Corrective Complex
• This product is a clarifying and balancing facial oil for blemishes.
• Key ingredients in this product are:
1. Botanical oils, jojoba, and sesame blends which hydrate the skin without clogging the pores
2. White thyme, tea tree, and juniper essential oils which help diminish the appearance of blemishes, excess oil and irritation

3. Anti-Aging Body Balm

• This product is a silky, firming body moisturiser
• Key ingredients in this product are:
1. Wild gigartina which hydrates and soothes the skin
2. Undaria algae which helps firm and deeply hydrate the skin
3. Coconut and babassu oils which tone and hydrate dry, flaky skin

When you live at The Residences at Seafire, the dedicated residential concierge is happy to arrange a spa appointment or in-residence massage treatment for you.

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