KAABOO comes to Cayman for the first time on February 15 for a two-day extravaganza. Those living in the Cayman Islands can’t wait for an injection of world-class entertainment, and those visiting are in for the time of their life as this world-renowned festival promises to engage all of your senses while prizing your comfort. Expect a stellar music and comedy lineup, contemporary art, delectable cuisine, craft beverages and personal indulgences.

This is not an event to be missed, and when you live at The Residences at Seafire, you’ll be right next to all the action happening on the stunning Seven Mile Beach festival grounds.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of your KAABOO festival experience.

Pack your (small) bags
Large bags that exceed 18” x 12” x 8” are prohibited at KAABOO, so pack light. You won’t be allowed to bring in that selfie stick, outside food, or professional camera equipment; leave the extras at home and carry only the essentials. Head to the KAABOO Cayman Islands website for a full list of what to bring, and what to leave at home.

Arrive early
With 11,000 guests expected to attend, entrance lineups are guaranteed. After all, security and comfort come first. Plan to arrive early to make your entrance process as seamless as possible.

Parking is limited, and only available for AMPLIFY VIP (Silver Thatch, Royal Palm and Ultimate Hang) pass holders. Walk over from your residence at Seafire, or utilise the festival’s park and ride or shuttle services.

Find your way around
Once inside, you’ll want to orient yourself. KAABOO will transform the northern end of Seven Mile Beach into a playground of experiences, and with so many things to do and see, you won’t want to miss anything. Avoid being overwhelmed by picking up a festival map at guest services to help you navigate.

Protect your skin and stay hydrated
When you’re spending a weekend of fun in the Caribbean sun, it’s important to protect your skin. Pack sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 and remember, KAABOO is a green-friendly event, so choose a product without chemicals that are harmful to your skin or to the environment.

Hydration is also vital; KAABOO recommends a daily intake of 2.5 litres of water per person, and remember – especially if you are visiting – the Caribbean is hot, so expect to drink more than usual! Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at one of the event’s hydration stations. Filled bottles will not be allowed into the festival, so make sure it’s empty!

Dress the part
KAABOO is a two-day, morning-to-evening experience. While there will be seating areas on site, you’ll want to be comfortable when dancing to your favourite bands or making your way around the festival ground. Opt for flat shoes that offer support, paired with flexible clothing.

Consider the heat when dressing, as well; lightweight fabrics and hats are great for keeping out the sun.

KAABOO Cayman Islands is guaranteed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience; by following these festival hacks, you’ll eliminate any stress from your weekend so you can focus on having an amazing time. For more tips on surviving and thriving at KAABOO, check out the festival’s FAQ page. For more on The Residences at Seafire and this coveted Grand Cayman real estate on Seven Mile Beach, contact us.

Image courtesy of KAABOOCayman