A home with stunning views deserves an equally stunning interior! We sat down with Michelle Butler of Design Studio to talk about some of her favourite features of the various residences at Seafire that she has had the pleasure of working on.

Michelle is the principal of Design Studio, an award-winning interior design company that has been operating in Cayman for over 10 years. Having been raised on Grand Cayman, Michelle is no stranger to the island and its paradisiacal lifestyle!

Michelle walked us through her design journey while working on three of the homes at The Residences at Seafire:

Unit type: Studio (N403)

Studio units are the smallest floorplan available at The Residences at Seafire, averaging at approximately 600 square feet in size. When asked if this was a challenge, Michelle said: “This was a fun challenge! I would describe tackling this floorplan similarly to approaching the design of a boat – there has to be a place for everything and the space needs to be maximised.”

Feature 1: Partition Wall

One of her favourite features in N403 is a partition wall, featuring custom millwork and trimming. According to Michelle, this partition “allows for a proper living space and for the client to have a private bedroom,” even in a studio floorplan.

Feature 2: Colour Palette

Michelle worked very closely with the owners of this residence to create a space that blended their personality with practicality. Describing it as a “little jewellery box,” Michelle and her team worked to make sure that every element was considered and placed accordingly, also noting that the use of unusual and vivid colours worked well in a small place to amplify the jewellery-box effect.

Unit type: One bedroom (N603)

Averaging at 1,350 square feet in size, one-bedroom homes have dual views, showcasing the blue waters of both the North Sound and Seven Mile Beach. Being a residence on the north side, the colour palette is white and grey, which Michelle enjoyed working with for this one-bedroom home. “This colour scheme mixed with the blue and silver accents created a sense of coastal perfection.”

Feature 1: Custom Bar (Living space)

The custom bar is a standout for Michelle, added to extend the socialising space. “This element gives the living area a playful social element with makes the space feel special and unique,” says Michelle.

Feature 2: Poster Bed (Bedroom)

In the bedroom lies a magical silver-leafed poster bed, which creates a “cloud effect” in the room, as described by Michelle. The client involved Michelle with everything from furniture to the accessories, creating a sense of a true finished and homey product.

Unit type: Three bedroom (N201)

This three-bedroom layout is unique to this style of residence, as it showcases both water views and extends throughout the interior of the building itself. Michelle describes this residence as “a coastal experience,” with the aim to have a beach house effect when you walk in through the door. This residence was decorated in collaboration with Bedside Manor, located nearby Design Studio in Camana Bay, who provided detail to the rooms with linens and throw pillows.

Feature 1: Wallpaper + Feature Wall (Powder room)

Michelle advises that “one of the ways to create a custom and bespoke home is doing something out of the ordinary.” The use of wallpaper in the guest powder room and a feature wall in the hallway “gives depth” to the residence itself.

Feature 2: Light Fixture (Bedroom 3)

The lighting for this residence was carefully chosen based on the character of the residence itself. Michelle’s favourite fixture is an ornate wood-beaded chandelier hanging in the third bedroom. When asked why this feature, Michelle simply answered, “It was a fun, wow moment.”

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About the author

Sheline Chandi is the Senior Marketing Coordinator supporting Provenance Properties, the exclusive Christie’s International Real Estate affiliate in the Cayman Islands, representing luxury homes across Grand Cayman, including developer-owned properties including OLEA, the first for-sale residential project at Camana Bay, and The Residences at Seafire. A student of the world, Sheline has been educated in the US Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Florida and California, most recently obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from UCLA.