As you consider purchasing Grand Cayman luxury real estate and making the Cayman Islands your new home, here are 10 things to consider before swapping city life for island life.

  1. We live by "Caymankind." Strangers say hello, pedesterians wave and if you need a ride, just throw up a thumb and the next care to pass is likely to give you a lift.

  2. Backgrounbd noise in Grand Cayman consists of gentle, crashing waves, soothing North Sound breezes moving through tress, friendly chirping iguanas and charming clicking chickens.

  3. In Grand Cayman, a 20 minute journey is 10 minutes too long.

  4. We drive on the left and we participate in roadside hospitality, letting people through is the norm and a honk means, "Thank you!"

  5. Beach walks count as exercise

  6. We live on island time; the only time you rush is for happy hour. \

  7. The warm salty air is not only healing and restorative, but also uplifts your mood.

  8. Just as a large city, we are spoilt for culinary choice! Only here, we have the added benefit of an array of local food at your fingertips, from freshly caught fish, lobster and conch to organic fruits and vegetables.

  9. It’s summertime every day. This means no woolly sweaters, gloves or boots required — ever.

  10. No matter where you are on island, watching our magical sunsets in hues of orange, red and purple never gets old.

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