World Class
Contemporary Living on
The Caribbean's Best Beach

Welcoming Residents in 2017


Adding to the Seafire experience are three distinct dining destinations, boundless beach activities, two seaside pools, cabanas, and a spa ensconced in a secret garden.

Visit Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa
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A private owners’ rooftop terrace - the highest point in Grand Cayman - is the perfect spot for socialising, sunsets and inspiration.
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At Seafire, a range of fresh, vibrant fare is plated in inspired settings, morning, noon, and night.

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At Avecita’s 12-seat open counter, chefs prepare custom tastings while you sip iconic Spanish wines or handmade cocktails that blend in local produce.


Designed to bring the natural beauty inside, the 8,500 square foot spa offers a full suite of services in a setting of streaming natural light and botanical adornments, featuring a grand soaking tub worthy of its own airy enclave.

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The spa is designed to immediately transport, from its secret water garden to its modern-day Hammam lobby area.